We are (part of) an industrial group where the cornerstone of our actions is the creation of wealth; seeking the growth and welfare for our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders.


Consolidate our position of leadership in the market by manufacturing products and providing services with the highest quality and the best technology available.


Fulfil our commitments inspiring confidence in our conduct. Doing the right thing acting with righteousness and honesty; according to ethical and social standards. Staying true to one´s principals, being congruent to what is thought, felt, said and lived.


Optimize the use of available resources in obtaining results. Avoid waste of time and materials.


Pursuing in all our actions the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. Permanently attending to the quality of our products and manufacturing them at the lowest possible cost. Consistently contributing in the creation of wealth.


Support each other with the purpose of obtaining better results. Listen to and take into consideration the opinion of others. Take advantage of the talent and capacities of the people, respecting individual differences. Encourage solidarity, companionship, harmony, cooperation and coordination among us.


Consideration and acknowledgement of one´s value and others. Consider the rights, interests, feelings and needs of human beings treating them with equity and justice. Apply it to ourselves, our peers, our work and our company.